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Louise Marley is an award winning author of science fiction and fantasy. Her fiction often features strong female characters, and explores themes of hope, humanity, and faith in the distant future. Prior to her career as a writer, Marley was an opera singer with the Seattle Opera, and several of her books feature musical themes.

Marley also writes under the pseudonyms Cate Campbell and Toby Bishop.[1]


  • The Singers of Nevya series
    • Sing the Light 1995
    • Sing the Warmth 1996
    • Receive the Gift 1997
    • Singer in the Snow 2005
  • Other Novels
    • The Terrorists of Irustan 1999
    • The Glass Harmonica 2000 (winner 2001 Endeavour Award)
    • The Maquisarde 2002
    • The Child Goddess 2004 (winner 2005 Endeavour Award)
    • Mozart's Blood 2010
    • The Brahms Deception 2010
    • The Glass Butterfly 2010
    • Benedict Hall 2013
    • Hall of Secrets2014
  • Short Story Collections
    • Absalom’s Mother & Other Stories


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