Love's Prisoner

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Love's Prisoner
Love's Prisoner (1919) - Ad 1.jpg
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Directed by John Francis Dillion
Written by E. Magnus Ingleton
Starring Olive Thomas
Joe King
Cinematography Stephen S. Norton
Distributed by Triangle Distributing Corporation
Release date
June 8, 1919
Running time
47 minutes
Country United States
Language Silent (English intertitles)

Love's Prisoner is a 1919 American silent crime drama film starring Olive Thomas. Written by E. Magnus Ingleton, the film was directed by John Francis Dillion.[1]


A poor girl named Nancy (Olive Thomas) leaves to take care of her two younger sisters, Sadie (Ann Forrest) and Jane (Dolly Dare), while their father (Walter Perry), who is a former criminal, is sent to prison for a crime which he has not committed and dies there. At that time Jonathan Twist, a quaint philosopher and their somewhat mysterious neighbor who operates a watch repair shop and part-time fence, offers them help, and Nancy finds with his help a job as a seller of Cocoa Climax. Nancy marries with a British business man and peer Lord Cleveland, and she becomes Lady Cleveland. However, Lord Clevelend dies very soon without a will and . Nancy does not have enough income to keep up the estates of Lord Cleveland in England, which pass to his other relatives, but receives the palatial home in America. She manages to keep this home and its servants without any visible means of support, and during this time the activities of a crook called by the police "The Bird" is mystifying the authorities. On the night of a reception at her house there is a large diamond theft, and Jim Garside is detailed to catch The Bird. Jim discovers that Nancy is The Bird and Jonathan is her fence for the jewels she has taken, where much of the moneys have gone to the poor. Jim maintains her works for charity while she serves out her prison term, and in the end they are married.



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