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Love All is the first novel by the journalist, writer and artist Molly Parkin.

Publication history[edit]

The book was originally submitted as a 750-word outline to publishers Blond & Briggs.[1] Although editorial staff disliked it, a secretary commented that she liked it, and it was picked up for publication. It was published in the UK in 1974 by Blond & Briggs, with reprints in 1997, 1979 (twice) and 1980 by Star.

Critical reception[edit]

Love All was reviewed by the Daily Telegraph which said that it was 'written with the lightest of touches and a mirthful exhilarated sense of its own libidousness...quite the funniest novel I have read in a long while.' Another review, in the Irish Times, in a reference to the sexual content of the book, called it 'disgusting'.[2]


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