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In the late 1960s a wave of Mexican rock heavily influenced by jazz-rock and funk rock emerged in several northern border Mexican states, in particular in Tijuana, Baja California. Among the most recognized bands from this “Chicano Wave” (La Onda Chicana in Spanish), there is one in particular that was recognized by their originality. The band Love Army derived from the Tijuana Five and was formed by Alberto Isordia (a.k.a. El Pajaro), Salvador Martinez, Jaime Valle, (a.k.a. El Perro), Fernando Vahaux, Ernesto Hernandez (a.k.a. El Blu), Mario Rojas (a.k.a. El Muerto)and Enrique Sida.

Love Army in the early 1970s[edit]

Caminata Cerebral[edit] Caminata Cerebral written and arranged by Jaime Valle (a.k.a. El Perro), and vocalist Alberto Isordia (a.k.a. El Pajaro) was the most representative song of these times. It was also recorded in English (Walk Within My Brain). It reflected the state of the Mexican counterculture and the position of the Mexican youth against the government of that time.

The lyrics of Caminata Cerebral (Walk Within My Brain) (Author: Jaime Valle and Alberto Isordia) begin:

Tell me what's that that you're saying / I don't think I heard it well
Why keep talking for so long / Without having much to say
Cause I don't believe / that xxxx were coming
Just passed this mess again
The truth is I believe / I'd rather walk within my brain

Festival de Rock y Ruedas de Avandaro[edit]

Love Army was one of the bands announced to perform in the Avandaro Rock y Ruedas (Rock and Wheels) Festival later the album "The Love Army en Avandaro" was released

The Acapulco era at the Tiberio's[edit]

After the success of hits like: Walk within my brain, The Door is open to your heart (Tambien tu tiempo llegara) and I will be in love, the band spent several months performing at the Tiberio's bar in Acapulco, Mexico.

Other songs of the Love army group are: "Di por que" " I will be in love" "Mañana" "Ser libre" "Tal Vez" " The door is open to your heart" " Tu eres mi amor "Tu tiempo llegará" y "Caminata Cerebral" Versions in Spanish and English.

The public broadcasting of the song "Caminata Cerebral" a.k.a. "Walk Within My Brain," was forbidden by the Mexican law due to "subversive lyrics."

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