Love Conquers All (film)

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Love Conquers All
Poster LCA.jpg
Directed by Tan Chui Mui
Produced by Amir Muhammad
Da Huang Pictures
Written by Tan Chui Mui
Starring Coral Ong Li Whei (Ping)
Stephan Chua Jyh Shyan (John)
Leing Jiun Jiun (Mei)
Ho Chi Lai (Hong Jie) [1]
Music by Steven Leong
Cinematography James Lee
Distributed by Lorna Tee
Release dates
13 October 2006 (premiere at Pusan International Film Festival)
21 December 2006 (Malaysia)
Running time
90 minutes
Country Malaysia
Language Mandarin

Love Conquers All is an award-winning 2006 movie by Malaysian director Tan Chui Mui.[1]


Ping (Coral Ong Li Whei) has come from Penang in the north to Kuala Lumpur to work with her aunt. There she meets John, a young man who keeps trying to approach her. Ping feels increasingly attracted to John, and although she has a boyfriend in Penang she is drawn more and more into his world. Ping loses herself in her love and does all she can to keep John.


  • Coral Ong Li Whei (Ping)
  • Stephan Chua Jyh Shyan (John)
  • Leing Jiun Jiun (Mei)
  • Ho Chi Lai (Hong Jie)

Release history[edit]

Country Date
South Korea (premiere at Pusan International Film Festival) 13 October 2006
Japan (Tokyo International Film Festival) 24 October 2006
Malaysia 21 December 2006
Netherlands (International Film Festival Rotterdam) 26 January 2007
Argentina (Mar del Plata Film Festival) 11 March 2007
Hong Kong (Hong Kong International Film Festival) 1 April 2007


It has won several awards such as:

  • The Swiss Oikocredit award at Fribourg[2]
  • Tiger award at Rotterdam International Film Festival[3]
  • New Current Award at Pusan International Film Festival


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