Love Guru (2009 film)

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Love Guru
Love Guru (Kannada film) poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed by Prashant Raj
Produced by Naveen
Written by Prashanth Raj
Starring Tarun Chandra
Radhika Pandit
Dilip Raj
Music by Joshua Sridhar
Cinematography Gnanamurthy
Release dates
  • 17 July 2009 (2009-07-17)
Country India
Language Kannada

Love Guru (Kannada: ಲವ್ ಗುರು) is a 2009 Indian Kannada film directed by Prashant Raj. The film starred Tarun Chandra and Radhika Pandit in leading roles. The music of the film was composed by Joshua Sridhar.[1]


Kushi (Radhika Pandit), Pratham (Tarun) and Sharan attend an interview where all the 3 are selected. Pratham starts loving Kushi and proposes her but everyone thinks he was trying to fool her as it was 1 April. Later she marries her boss Abhi (Dilip Raj) not knowing that Pratham is in love with her. At her wedding reception, Pratham gives her a rose and announces in front of all that he loves her. But Kushi and Abhi ignore the incident as they think that he wants to give a shock to them.. But he continues to pine for Kushi, and, finally, quits his job much to Kushi's dismay. When another woman enters his life, the heart-broken Pratham decides to start life afresh.


Sound track[edit]

  1. "Romeogalige juliet"- Benny Dayal, Blaaze, Prashanth, Joshua shridhar
  2. "Ondondu storigu" - Krish, Harini, Suchithra Karthik
  3. "Minchi Hoithu" - Benny Dayal, Vijayshankar
  4. "Thangaali Thandeya"- Benny Dayal
  5. "Yaaru Kooda" - Karthik, Benny Dayal
  6. "Hudugaata Aadi" - Karthik


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