Love of Life Orchestra

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Love of Life Orchestra
Genres Post-punk
Years active 1979-
Labels Lust
Members Peter Gordon (sax, keyboards, composition)
David Van Tieghem (Percussion)

Collaborators on their recording Extended Niceties have included Arto Lindsay and David Byrne[3]

Early members of the band included Laurie Anderson (electric violin), Blue Gene Tyranny (keyboards), Ken Deifik (harmonica), Scott Johnson guitar, Rhys Chatham (flute), Peter Zummo (trombone), Arthur Russell (cello), Kathy Acker (vocals), and Jill Kroesen (vocals).

Partial discography[edit]

  • Star Jaws (Lovely Music) 1978, reissued on CD 2008[4]
  • Extended Niceties EP (Infidelity) 1980[3]
  • Geneva (Infidelity) 1980
  • Casino EP (Expanded Music/Antarctica) 1982


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