Low Island (Queensland)

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Low Island
Low Isles panorama.jpg
Low Island is on the right.
Location Northern Australia
Coordinates 16°23′10″S 145°33′32″E / 16.386°S 145.559°E / -16.386; 145.559Coordinates: 16°23′10″S 145°33′32″E / 16.386°S 145.559°E / -16.386; 145.559
Area 0.02 km2 (0.0077 sq mi)
State Queensland

Low Island North Queensland is about 25 km (16 mi) north-east of Port Douglas in Trinity Bay, North Queensland. It is around 2 hectares or 0.02 square km in size.[1]

Low Island is part of the Low Isles. Low Isles consists of two islands, Woody Island an uninhabited coral/mangrove island, but the main attraction is Low Isle - which is a smaller vegetated, sandy, coral cay surrounded by 55 acres (220,000 m2) of reef.

The Low Islets are a Marine National Park Zone. Day visitors come to the island on a daily basis via a number of commercial operators. There is a lagoon where private vessel can moor or anchor overnight, but there is no overnight accommodation on the island. There is a weather station, an active lighthouse (named Low Isles Light) and the research station.

No fishing is allowed in the lagoon or within a buffer zone around the islands - the main activity is snorkelling and diving.