Lower Barrakka Gardens

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Lower Barrakka Gardens

The Lower Barakka Gardens (Il-Barrakka t'Isfel) is a garden in Valletta, Malta, and it is twinned with the Upper Barrakka Gardens in the same city.[1]

The gardens offer a view of the Grand Harbour and the breakwater. It includes the Monument to Sir Alexander Ball, which is a prominent feature in the form of a neoclassical temple located at the centre of the garden. In addition, the terrace area features a number of commemorative plaques dedicated to, amongst others, the Hungarian revolution of 1956, the Prague spring, Giuseppe Garibaldi and the 50th anniversary of the European Union.[citation needed] There is also a statue.

View of the Grand Harbour from the garden's terrace


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Coordinates: 35°53′51″N 14°31′4″E / 35.89750°N 14.51778°E / 35.89750; 14.51778