Lozva River

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Lozva River (Russian: Лозьва) is a river in Sverdlovsk Oblast in Russia, a left tributary of the Tavda River. The river is 637 kilometres (396 mi) long, and its basin covers 17,800 square kilometres (6,900 sq mi). The river freezes up in October or early November and stays icebound until late April or early May. Its main tributaries are the Pynovka, Bolshaya Yevva, Popil, and Ivdel Rivers.

In 1590 a fort was built at Lozvinsk on the river to guard the Cherdyn Road which ran over the Urals from the Vishera River to the Lozva. That outpost was endangered by a Mansi chieftain from Pelym. Lozvinsk and the Cherdyn route were abandoned after 1597 when a better route, called the Babinov Road, was found through Verkhoturye. The Dyatlov Pass incident took place near the Lozva River in 1959.


Coordinates: 59°32′59″N 62°20′04″E / 59.5497°N 62.3344°E / 59.5497; 62.3344