Lučivná Tunnel

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Lučivná Tunnel
Highway D1 Slovakia 10.JPG
Inside the Lučivná Tunnel
Location Slovakia
Coordinates 49°04′17.41″N 20°06′13.05″E / 49.0715028°N 20.1036250°E / 49.0715028; 20.1036250Coordinates: 49°04′17.41″N 20°06′13.05″E / 49.0715028°N 20.1036250°E / 49.0715028; 20.1036250
Route D1
Start Lučivná, Slovakia (east)
End Lučivná, Slovakia (west)
Constructed 2005-2007
Opened December 11, 2007 (2007-12-11)
Owner Slovakia
Operator Národná diaľničná spoločnosť
Traffic Automotive
Toll none - included in the mandatory vignette
Length 250 metres (820 ft)
No. of lanes 4 (2 in each tube)
Operating speed 130 km/h (81 mph)
Highest elevation 860 m (2,820 ft)
(east portal)
Lowest elevation 860 m (2,820 ft)
(west portal)

The Lučivná Tunnel is a short covered tunnel in northern Slovakia, on the D1 motorway between Štrba and Mengusovce. Its construction started in 2005 and was open in 2007. Its purpose is to provide a safe crossing for wild animals.