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For the Chinese baseball player, see Lu Chao (baseball).

Lu ChaoChinese: 吕超) from China was the recognized Guinness record holder for reciting digits of Pi. He successfully recited 67,890 digits of pi in 24 hours and 4 minutes[1] with an error at the 67,891st digit, saying it was a "5", when it was actually a "0". He stated he had 100,000 memorized, and was going to recite 91,300, but that one mistake cost him. He is planning to write a book about the method he uses, which is based upon many Chinese memorization techniques. He says it took him about 1 year to memorize 100,000 digits. He stated that he had no plans to beat his record unless someone else did.[2] Lu Chao is the President of Zhengzhou Ruicheng Education & Counseling, Ltd.[citation needed]


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