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Lu Chao

Lu Chao (Chinese: 陆超) was born in 1988 in Shenyang, China. The artist currently lives and works between London and Beijing.[1]

Lu Chao's paintings are mostly filled with sketch-like portrayals of a massive number of different faces, evoking a sense of mystery and strangeness.[2] For the artist, the unknown is sublime and he avoids using his work as a carrier for opinions, preferring to leave the door open for viewers to interpret the pieces on their own.[3] He aim to establish an exchange between viewers and the larger universe around them by integrating an expanding world into his own labyrinth of personalized patterns.[4] Through his works, Lu Chao exposes us to the unknown and strangeness of our life, of our world and of our state of mind. We find it difficult to truly understand our own persona, and we find it even more exhausting to comprehend the world around us. The gap between what we do and what we do not know, shapes the beauty and excitements of life.

Education Background[edit]

Lu Chao completed his Masters at the Painting Department of the Royal College of Art (London, UK) in 2014[5] and finished his Bachelor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (Beijing, China) oil painting department in 2012. He also attended Fine Arts School Affiliated to China Central Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in 2008.

Solo Exhibition[edit]


Black Silence, Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery,[6] London, UK

Black Box, Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery,[7] Beijing, China[8]


Black Light, Nathalie Obadia Galerie,[9] Paris, France[10]


Black Mirror, Art Basel, Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery, Hong Kong, China[11][12]


Black Forest, Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery, Beijing, China[13]



Forbes China 30 under 30 in Art and Fashion[14]


Painter—Stainers Gordon Luton Award, Royal College of Art, London, UK[15]

Saatchi New Sensations Nominate Exhibition, Solo Award Runners Up, London, UK[16]

RCA Studio Prize, London, UK


Lucy Halford Bursary, Royal College of Art, London, UK


Best Creative Awards, Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing, China[17]


Excellent Sketching Award, Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing, China


Silver Prize, Giant Cup Today National Art Students Awards, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

Selected Museum & Public Collections[edit]

Sammlung Wemhoner Collection

Foundation Louis Vuitton

Ghisla Art Collection

Today Art Museum Beijing

China Central Academy of Fine art

Fine Art School Affiliated to Central Academy of Fine Arts


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