Lu Xuechang

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Lu Xuechang
Chinese name 路學長 (traditional)
Chinese name 路学长 (simplified)
Pinyin Lù Xuécháng (Mandarin)
Born (1964-06-25)June 25, 1964
Beijing, China
Died February 20, 2014(2014-02-20) (aged 49)
Occupation Film director
Years active 1990s–2014
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Lu.

Lu Xuechang (June 25, 1964 – February 20, 2014[1]) was a sixth generation Chinese film director.[2] One of a new crop of talented filmmakers, Lu directed four feature films beginning with his debut, The Making of Steel in 1997.

Like many of his present-day peers, critics have seen elements of foreign filmmakers in Lu's work with Lu himself claiming to enjoy Italian cinema (although he stops short of naming specific influences).[3] Also commensurate with his peers Lu had his share of run-ins with the censors. The Making of Steel, for example, was recut six times before it was allowed to be screened.[3]


Year English Title Chinese Title Notes
1997 The Making of Steel 长大成人
2000 A Lingering Face 非常夏日
2003 Cala, My Dog! 卡拉是条狗
2006 Lease Wife 租期 Also known as The Contract
2008 Under One Roof 两个人的房间


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