Lubin Baugin

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The Five Senses, oil on wood, 55 x 73 cm, Louvre
Still life with Candle. Oil on canvas (1630). Galleria Spada, Rome

Lubin Baugin (c. 1612 – July 11, 1663) was a French painter.

Baugin was born in Pithiviers to a prosperous family. He received his artistic training from 1622 to 1628, and entered the guild of St.-Germaine-des-Prés as a master painter on May 23, 1629.[1] Around 1632–33 he traveled to Italy, where he settled in Rome.[1] After 1641 he worked in Paris.

With one exception, his surviving subject pictures are religious works, including numerous small paintings representing the Virgin and Child or the Holy Family.[2] No painted portraits by his hand are known to have survived, although several are known through engravings.[2] He has also been credited with a group of four still lifes. None of his works are dated.[2]

He died in Paris.


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