Lubomierz, Limanowa County

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Lubomierz is located in Poland
Coordinates: 49°36′45″N 20°11′42″E / 49.61250°N 20.19500°E / 49.61250; 20.19500
Country  Poland
Voivodeship Lesser Poland
County Limanowa
Gmina Gmina Mszana Dolna
Highest elevation 750 m (2,460 ft)
Lowest elevation 550 m (1,800 ft)
Population 1,750

Lubomierz [luˈbɔmjɛʂ] is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Mszana Dolna, within Limanowa County, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, in southern Poland. It lies approximately 12 kilometres (7 mi) south-east of Mszana Dolna, 20 km (12 mi) south-west of Limanowa, and 54 km (34 mi) south of the regional capital Kraków.[1] The village has a population of 1,750.

Lubomierz has a municipality called Rzeki, located eastward on the road to Szczawa. The settlement was founded in the 17th century. It used to be the location of the Gorce National Park headquarters, set up at a remote hunting lodge.[2]


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Coordinates: 49°36′45″N 20°11′42″E / 49.61250°N 20.19500°E / 49.61250; 20.19500