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Hullabaloo - Lubritorium.jpg
Studio album by
Recordedby Lou Giordano at Fort Apache South in October 1990
Genrepunk rock, post hardcore, grunge
ProducerLou Giordano
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United Colors of Hullabaloo

Lubritorium is the fourth release and second full-length album by Hullabaloo. It was released in 1991 on C/Z Records.[1]

Lubritorium was recorded after an aborted tour that took them through some apparently tough times in Canada—as evidenced by their song "Blow me Fucking Canada."[2] The band returns to a quartet format here, with Sluggo on bass and John back behind the drum kit. This was the final appearance of Sluggo in the band before moving to San Francisco, though he is rejoining the band for a reunion in 2014.[3]

This record features five new original songs, plus re-recordings of three older songs. The older songs had remained in their live repertoire over the years; the new versions represent the evolution of the songs through the changing lineups. There is a reggae cover of Kiss's Calling Dr. Love; the band had previously released a straight version of the song on C/Z's Hard to Believe: Kiss Covers Compilation. The record also has three tracks marked "Filler #1-3"; see notes below.

This is the third of their records recorded at the legendary Fort Apache Studios, this time with Lou Giordano behind the controls instead of Paul Kolderie.[4]

The cover art is a painting by Slaughter Shack singer and artist Colin Burns.[5]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks are written by Hullabaloo, except where noted.

Side one
1."Filler #1" (see note †)0:56
3."Bone of Contention"3:29
4."Filler #2" (see note ‡)1:11
5."The Lickyerbutt Song"1:42
6."Washington's Cock"4:52
Side two
7."Suicidal Maniac" 2:24
8."Blow Me Fucking Canada" 3:58
9."Loadstar" 4:07
10."Retardo Porn" 2:20
11."Filler #3" (see note ‡) 0:58
12."Jah Luv" (reggae version of Calling Dr. Love by Kiss)Gene Simmons2:54


† Filler #1 is an uncredited excerpt from the movie Harold and Maude.
‡ Filler #2 and #3 are excerpts from a live recording at WBRS in April 1990, engineered by Hillel Cooperman and Wendy Shlensky.


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