Lucía Mazer

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Lucía Mazer
Born 1978
Occupation Tango Dancer

Lucía Mazer (born 12 de mayo 1978, Buenos Aires, Argentina ) is an Argentine dancer of Argentine tango. She is regarded as one of the most influential partners of Tango Nuevo founder Mariano Frúmboli and as being one of the leaders of the first transformation of woman's role in tango.


She began dancing tango in 1996 at the "taller de extensión de tango danza de la universidad del tango" and soon she met Alejandra Arrue y Sergio Natario who became her strongest influence during her beginnings.

Personal life[edit]

She lives in Patagonia and has kept a low profile since 2011 while taking care of her 2 children.

Video Clips[edit]

Tango Ritual "[1]" (2007)


Argentine Tango - Dance Research Centre "[2]" (2008)

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