Luc Alfons de Hovre

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Bishop Luc Alfons de Hovre, S.J., was Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Mechelen-Brussel (Malines-Brussels) and Titular Bishop of Domnach Sechnaill.

Born on 27 February 1926 in Nederbrakel, he was ordained a Jesuit priest on 10 May 1958 at the age of 32. On 15 February 1982, aged 56, he was appointed as Auxiliary Bishop of Mechelen-Brussel (Malines-Brussels) as well as Titular Bishop of Domnach Sechnaill. The following month he was ordained. His principal consecrator was Cardinal Godfried Danneels as well as Bishops Philip Ekka, Paul Constant Schoenmaekers, Leo-Karel Jozef De Kesel and Jean-Baptiste Musty.

On 20 March 2002, aged 76, he retired as Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Mechelen-Brussel.[1] He died on 4 June 2009, aged 83, from undisclosed causes. He had been a priest for 51 years and a bishop for 27 years.


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