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from the album "Partenope"

Luca Luciano (born 12 August 1975 in Naples, Italy) is a clarinettist, a composer and an educator currently based in London (UK). He has held the position of clarinet professor at the Leeds College of Music in the UK, he is a specialist of both classical and improvised music and his research focuses on extended techniques, unconventional sound production, sound effects and new compositions for solo clarinet.

Introduced as “the new voice of the clarinet” on the front page of De Klarinet magazine,[1] a keen promoter of new music, he has been described by "Musician Magazine" as “a noted Italian clarinettist and composer who now makes his home in London, having developed an enviable reputation as an instrumental virtuoso around the UK and overseas via recordings and concert hall appearances”.[2] Praised by the International Clarinet Association for “the full range of his abilities”,[3] Luciano received a master's degree from the Conservatory of Music of Salerno (Italy) in 1999, has been awarded the Fellow status at the Higher Education Academy in the UK in 2010 and is now “one of Europe's leading exponents of jazz clarinet” according to the BBC Radio.[4]

A D'Addario artist, he began his career at the age of twelve performing at the Sala Curci of Naples and has since “established himself as the friendly face of contemporary clarinet” according to the Clarinet & Saxophone Magazine.[5] He has held several recitals, master-classes, lecture-recitals and workshops in the UK, Europe and South America including the South Bank Centre in London, the Barber Institute of Fine Arts (Birmingham University), the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland, SESI Serie International and Centro Cultural São Paulo (Brazil), European Clarinet Festival in Belgium, The American Cathedral in Paris. In recent years he has been focusing primarily on his own music with premieres regularly held at St Martin in the Fields[6] in London for their "New Music Series", Cambridge University[7] and overseas.[8] His compositions have been cited on books about the clarinet repertoire[9] with credits that include some of the most established academic institutions of the UK,[10] Brazil[11] and Belgium.[12]

Discography (as a solo artist)[edit]

  • Passione M.A.P., Italy 2000
  • Neapolis Red Kite Records, UK 2005
  • Clarinet MCPS, UK 2008 (digital reissue 2010)
  • Partenope MCPS, UK 2011
  • Poeta MCPS, UK 2016
  • Fragments NovAntiqua Records, UK 2018

Selected works[edit]

Clarinet Solo:

  • Fantasia for Demi-Clarinet (2015)
  • Fragment #1 (Red Kite Music Limited, Bucks Music Group Ltd, 2004)
  • Fragment #4 (2010)
  • Fragment #5 (2010)
  • Fragment #6 (2014)
  • Homage to Poulenc (2015)
  • Homage to Puccini (2015)
  • Rondo’ Contemporaneo (2010)
  • Sequenza #1 "Il Prescelto" (2008)
  • Sequenza #2 in A minor "The Resurrection" (2008)

Clarinet & Piano:

  • Fragment #2 (Red Kite Music Limited, Bucks Music Group Ltd, 2005)
  • Fragment #3 (2010)
  • Neapolis per clarinetto e basso continuo (Red Kite Music Limited, Bucks Music Group Ltd, 2004)
  • Sonata #3, in one movement (Red Kite Music Limited, Bucks Music Group Ltd, 2004)
  • Sonata #5, for clarinet and basso continuo, in one movement (2008)
  • Sonata #6 “Birth, life and death of Stravinsky”, in one movement (2007)

Clarinet ensembles or clarinet-led ensembles:

  • Divertimento #1, for Clarinet Quartet, also available for Wind Quartet (Red Kite Music Limited, Bucks Music Group Ltd, 2004)
  • Divertimento #2, for Clarinet Quartet, also available for Wind Quartet (Red Kite Music Limited, Bucks Music Group Ltd, 2004)
  • Divertimento #3, “Londrina” for Clarinet Trio (Red Kite Music Limited, Bucks Music Group Ltd, 2004)
  • Divertimento #4, for Clarinet Quartet or for solo clarinet with tape/pre-recorded parts(2009)
  • Divertimento #5, “Concertando com Tau” for Clarinet and Guitar Quartet (2011)
  • Divertimento #6 “Guido”, for Clarinet and String Quartet (2008)
  • Divertimento #7, “Canone, cadenza e finale from a theme of Prokofiev’s Lt. Kije`” for Clarinet Quartet (2008)
  • Divertimento #9 “The Damnation of the Dreamer”, for solo clarinet with tape/pre-recorded parts (2008)
  • Divertimento #11 for Clarinet Trio or also available for Duo Clarinet and Bass Clarinet (2012)
  • Divertimento #12 “La Redentrice del Sognatore”, for solo clarinet with tape/pre-recorded parts (2015)
  • Variations on “Rasga o Meu Coracao”, Homenagem a Villa-Lobos, for clarinet and guitar quartet (2014)
  • Vocalizzo, for clarinet and guitar (2015)

Other chamber ensemble

  • Divertimento “Mediterraneo”, for two guitars (2017)
  • Fragment #9, for guitar and piano (2016)
  • Two Miniatures for guitar and piano, from the album Poeta (2014)


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