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Developer(s) Eigenbase Foundation
Stable release
Written in Java, C++
Type Database, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse
License GPL 2

LucidDB is an open source database purpose-built to power data warehouses, OLAP servers and business intelligence systems.

LucidDB is the first and only open-source RDBMS purpose-built entirely for data warehousing and business intelligence. It is based on architectural cornerstones such as column-store, bitmap indexing, hash join/aggregation, and page-level multiversioning.[1]

It appears that LucidDB is no longer being maintained based on this github entry [1]. The sourceforge page has not been updated since 2010.

LucidDB has had a long run as the first pure play open source column store database. However, with no commercial sponsors and no ongoing community activity it's time to OFFICIALLY shut the doors. There will be no future code, or binary releases (this repository may dissapear at some point) of luciddb. All assets (wiki, issues, etc) will likely start coming down as well over the course of 2014. Appreciate all the effort by all those involved with LucidDB.

Optiq, has given home and new life to portions of the LucidDB codebase. If you're interested in speaking SQL to NoSQL sources please checkout the Optiq project. [2]

Due to its purpose built architecture and features designed for Business Intelligence(BI) and Data Warehouse workloads it typically performs faster than traditional row store databases, without any additional tuning.


  • JDBC driver[2]
  • ADO.NET provider[3]

Project Status[edit]

The project has not had any updates since 2010. Although the official site, at sourceforge, page does not indicate the project is dead, numerous links no longer work; most likely the project is either dead or has nobody working on it.


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