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Lugash is a fictional country mentioned and featured in the Pink Panther movie series. Its ruler is known as the Shah. Its greatest national treasure, which comes from the dynasty of Akbar the Magnificent in the early 12th century, and the country's religious symbol for over 1,000 years, is the Pink Panther diamond, which has been stolen on numerous occasions. The former ruling family of Lugash is the Kurfilli; Princess Dala was the last of the dynasty.

The palace decor and costumes shown in the original 1963 film were distinctly North Indian in style, however the sign next to exhibit is clearly arabic when shown in 'The Return of the Pink Panther'. In the original movie Princess Dala revealed to the jewel thief Sir Charles Lytton – while sprawled on a tiger skin rug – that she had been on many shikar safaris as a child and had killed her first tiger at the age of 10. Later on, when Inspector Clouseau visits her in her Roman palace, Princess Dala is seen wearing a typical Indian sari and gold blouse, while her butler wears a Nehru jacket.

Film Notes
The Pink Panther The royal family was overthrown by rebels and Princess Dala said that when the present government seized power they claimed that the Pink Panther diamond was the property of the people which she denies.
The Return of the Pink Panther The royal family is reinstated and the Shah himself sends for Clouseau.
Trail of the Pink Panther The president is Sandover Haleesh, the former colonel responsible for the bloodless coup that ended the royal reign.

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