Luigi De Falco

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Luigi De Falco
Luigi De Falco.jpg
Born (1976-05-04) 4 May 1976 (age 42)
Naples, Italy
Residence Naples (Italy), Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Nationality Italian
Alma mater University of Naples
Occupation Chairman, H2biz
Spouse(s) Daniela Russo

Luigi De Falco (born 4 May 1976), better known as Cuore Matto, is an Italian businessman.[1] He serves as the Chairman of the group H2biz.


Early life[edit]

Luigi De Falco was born on 4 May 1976 in Naples. He worked at Milan Stock Exchange before founding his business group. He has interests in hi-tech, trading, fashion, automotive, motorsports and publishing.[2]


He started his career as a broker trainee at Rasbank.

His personal business career began in 2001 when founded e-Gav, the first Italian purchasing group.

Between 2004 and 2006, Luigi De Falco traded commodities with Argentina and lives between Naples and Buenos Aires.[3]

From 2007 to 2011, Luigi De Falco managed MotorSponsor, a network for racing drivers, and competed in the Italian Mitsubishi Colt Cup[4]

In early 2011, he launched FashionBiz, a brand dedicated to fashion.[5]

In 2013, its group signed a business joint venture with Cyprus[6] to buy logistics in Ivory Coast[7]

In 2014, De Falco invested in commodity trading, buying silos in the Mediterranean.[8]

In early 2015, with H2biz, he began the construction of a port in Montenegro.[9]

In September 2015, he founded the Italia-Iran HUB.[10]

In January 2016 Luigi De Falco founded an Italian sports car manufacturer, Giano Automobili.

In April 2016, its group signed two joint ventures with Venezuela's companies for optical fiber in Cuba.[11]

In December 2016 the H2biz Group launches an international Big Data Platform for the pmi.[12]

In June 2017, Luigi De Falco opens a new HUB in Thessaloniki to manage transactions with the new Silk Road.[13]

In later 2017 the Giano Automobili Ribot has been tested for over 20,000 km on Italian roads.[14]

Today, Luigi De Falco controls H2biz, a conglomerate which deals in trading, media, fashion, publishing and manufacturing.[15]


Luigi De Falco's racing team competes in the Italian Offshore Championship[16] with the boat MotorSponsor C-33 "Freccia Gialla"[17]

In 2013, H2biz sponsored the Honda LCR Team in MotoGp.[18]


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