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Luis Piedrahita at 43rd KVIFF

Luis Piedrahita Cuesta (born 1977) is a Spanish stand-up comedian, magician, script writer, broadcaster and author. He is known as "El Rey de las Cosas Pequeñas" ("The King of Small Things"), due to his monologues in which he critiques the lack of regard of everyday things such as toilet lids, carnivorous plants, etc.

Early life and education[edit]

He was born in A Coruña, Spain on the 19 February 1977, although his mother's family is from Pego. He went to school at "Santa María del Mar", of the Jesuits. Luis also went to the Adormideras school for a short period of time. He became a magic fanatic since he was very young and won two prizes: Second place of a magic contest in the congress of MagicValongo (Portugal, 1998) and was the Magic Champion of Spain in 1999. Known as "The King of the Small Things", Luis Piedrahita also won the First Contest of Monologues of the TV show named "The Comedy Club". After that, he became a script writer and actor of the said show.

Luis Piedrahita studied Audiovisual Communications in the University of Navarra and specialized in scrip writing. After this, he was hired by Telecinco (one of the largest TV networks of Spain). In September 2008 he had his vesicle removed and auction it in The Anteater and donated the profits to the children affected by the syndrome of West (a childish illness that affects babies between 0 and 12 months of age and causes epileptic attacks).


He became widely known as scriptwriter in three seasons of the Spanish TV program El Club de la Comedia (The Comedy Club). In addition to working on the series Partners in Crime for Columbia Tri Star Pictures in Los Angeles, US, he occasionally collaborates in the Spanish TV program El Hormiguero. He has published two books: Un cacahuete flotando en una piscina ("A peanut floating in a swimming pool", 2005) and ¿Cada cuánto hay que echar a lavar un pijama? ("How often should you wash your pyjamas?", 2006)

In 1999 he won the Spanish Premio Nacional de Magia (National Magic Award).[citation needed]

He co-directed and co-wrote the 2007 thriller La habitación de Fermat, later released internationally as Fermat's Room.

He has been collaborating with his writing partner Rodrigo Sopeña for more than 12 years, since they went together to the university. They wrote a script for an animation Spanish studio Ilion Animation Studios and their next project will be Golpe de efecto, a heist movie "with no guns".[1]