Luiza Prado

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Luiza Prado
Self portrait luiza prado.jpeg
Self-portrait – Luiza Prado
Born 1988 (age 29–30)
Nationality Brazilian
Known for Luiza Prado
Movement Contemporary Art

Luiza Jesus Prado, known as Luiza Prado is a transdisciplinary artist who lives in Berlin, Germany. She was born in Guaratingueta, Brazil, in 1988. She uses artistic tools such as photography, performance, video art, installation, sculpture, painting, new media, body art, music and drawing along with physics, psychology, neuroscience and philosophy. Her research is specifically on memory. She explores topics of violence, sexual trauma, sociopolitical issues and minorities within Latin America. She has been mentioned as a feminist artist in FFW,[1] Gedelés[2] and O Grito.[3] In 2014, her work "Corpo Estranho" was cataloged in the Portuguese book Evocations of Performance Art – Paco Editorial[4] and since 2010 has been featured in Playboy Magazine, Digital Photographer and Efêmero Concreto among others.[5]


  • 2017: Poteh Pehuono
  • 2017: Funk Pesadão
  • 2016: Tumor Militar


  • 2014: Reincarnate Project


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