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Luke Gower
Cog @ Metropolis Fremantle (4 6 2009) (3616860140).jpg
Background information
Origin Australia Sydney, Australia
Genres Rock
Progressive rock
Instruments Bass guitar, vocals
Labels Difrnt Music
National Recorder
Little Samurai
MGM Distribution
Associated acts Cog

Luke Gower (born in Sydney, Australia) was a member of the Australian band Cog.[1] He plays bass, and sings background vocals. Luke's brother Flynn Gower is the lead singer and guitarist in Cog.

Luke grew up in Sydney, Australia and is the youngest of 3 brothers (Flynn Gower being the oldest). Luke joined the band in 2000, just as a live bass player at the time. He later continued to be the permanent bassist for the band. He has played on two Cog albums, The New Normal (2005) and Sharing Space (2008) and a number of EP's including Open Up, the band's cover of the 1993 song by Leftfield featuring John Lydon.

On 24 April 2013 Luke and Flynn Gower released a new single "I've been thinking" under a project name "The Occupants Music", recorded late 2012 at Rocking Horse Studios in Byron Bay. Forrester Savell produced the track with Troy Wright on drums.[2][3] [4]


Luke Gower uses a selection of Warwick Basses. Currently, Luke uses 4 basses on tour:

    • 4-string Thumb NT
    • 5-string Thumb NT
    • 4-string Streamer Stage 1
    • 5-string Thumb Bolt-on.

He also has 2 Custom Shop Warwick Thumb NT 4 strings, one in Flame Maple and one in Karelian Birch that were received after the touring of Sharing Space. His first bass in Cog was a Warwick FNA 4string.

Amplifiers and Effects
Currently, Luke plays Ashdown Amplifiers. Previously, he played a range of different amplifiers. His current rig includes an ABM 500 EVO III Head and an ABM500 EVO II Head, with another ABM500 EVOII as a spare. He uses two ABM810 Cabinets. He also uses a range of different effects including:



Singles and EPs[edit]


  • "Paris, Texas" (2002)
  • "Open Up" (2003)
  • "My Enemy" (2005)
  • "Run" (2005)
  • "What If" (2007)
  • "Bird of Feather" (2008)
  • "Are You Interested?" (2008)


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