Lukmanier Pass

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Lukmanier Pass
Elevation1,915 m (6,283 ft)
LocationGraubünden/Ticino, Switzerland
RangeLepontine Alps
Coordinates46°33′46″N 8°48′03″E / 46.56278°N 8.80083°E / 46.56278; 8.80083Coordinates: 46°33′46″N 8°48′03″E / 46.56278°N 8.80083°E / 46.56278; 8.80083
Lukmanier Pass is located in Switzerland
Lukmanier Pass
Location in Switzerland

Lukmanier Pass (Italian: Passo del Lucomagno, Romansh: Cuolm Lucmagn) is a pass (el. 1915 m.) in the Swiss Alps.

The road from Disentis/Mustér in the canton of Graubünden leads through the Val Medel across the pass to the Blenio valley and Biasca in the canton of Ticino. North of the pass, the road runs along the east shore of Lake Sontga Maria.

The Pass is kept open during the winter but even then it often closes after 18:00 hours (6pm). Check! [1]

Below the Lukmanier Pass, or more precisely between it and Pizzo dell'Uomo, runs the Gotthard Base Tunnel.

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