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The African Great Lakes region, from where most Lukwata stories stem.
GroupingLegendary creature
Sub groupingLake Monster[1]
CountryUganda, African Great Lakes
HabitatLakes, rivers and swamps

Lukwata (Luganda for 'sea serpent',[2] the nominal form of kukwata, lit. 'to seize') is a legendary water-dwelling creature in Baganda folklore, said to be found in Lake Victoria of Uganda.[3] It has been described as 20–30 feet long, with dark smooth skin and a rounded head, and known to attack fishermen and boats.[4] It may have also been related in some way to spirits and deities related to canoes and fishing [3] Pieces of the Lukwata were thought to have magical properties and were revered as relics in eastern Africa.[5]


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