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Lula (born 20 August 1973 in Tegernsee) is a singer and songwriter who currently lives in Berlin.


She has worked frequently together with Bela B. Their first co-operation came on the duet "Leave". The song was featured in the cinema film Kaliber Deluxe and was released as a single on East West Records in 2001. For a KLF Tribute Sampler, Lula once again sang a duet together with Bela B. on their cover version of Justified And Ancient. The song was produced by Wayne Jackson and Olsen Involtini. Her songwriting qualities were also featured on Bela B.'s solo album "Bingo" where she also sang a further duet called „Hab keine Angst" (Have No Fear).

In 2006, Lula signed to BPX1992, the same label which released Bingo. Her debut solo album „Lost In Reverie" was recorded and produced by Wayne Jackson. Changes at the label meant the album was never officially released.

Lost In Reverie features a further collaboration with Bela B on the track "I Want".

Lula also sang a duet with Lee Hazlewood, who died on 4 August 2007. The song "Nothing" appears on Lee Hazlewood's final album Cake or Death.

A further track from Lost In Reverie "Come Along" is featured in the cinema film Vineta.


Year Title Chart Position Album
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2008 So Wunderbar Lost In Reverie

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