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Lumellogno is a settlement of some 1,500 people[1] to the south-west of the city of Novara in the Italian province Piedmont. Administratively it is a quarter (quartiere) of the Commune of Novara; geographically it is separated from the town by paddy fields and the torrent Agogna.

Lumellogno was the birthplace of the noted twelfth-century scholastic Petrus Lombardus.


  1. ^ At the end of 2006 the population of the quarter was tallied at 1521, source: "Popolozione residente 31 dicembre 2006 - Lumellogno". Comune di Novara. 

Coordinates: 45°25′N 8°35′E / 45.417°N 8.583°E / 45.417; 8.583