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Luo Qi (罗琦; born 6 June 1975 in Nanchang) is a female Chinese rock singer.[1] She was singer with the first lineup of Zhinanzhen (Compass), but then went solo.[2] In 1998 she left China for Berlin for six years where she also married her husband, Jan who played a part in helping her kick her drug addiction.[3] In 2004, recalling her own struggles as a teen with drugs, she came forward as an anti drug spokesperson.[4]


  • debut and start singing when she was 13.
  • 1991, Luo Qi was fascinated by "rock and roll" by listening to Bon Jovi's music. Then became the lead vocal of 指南针乐队(Compass).
  • 1993, Luo Qi conflicted with others in her friend's birthday party, the one pierced her left eye with a beer bottle.[5] At the same year,her band published their first album-选择坚强.
  • 1994, Luo Qi became a solo singer.
  • 1995, Luo Qi became host in a Chinese program of ChannelV. And the same time, she started taking drugs.
  • 1996, first solo album-快乐机器(Happy Machine).[6]
  • 1998, Her entertainment helped her make a record of 3 singles: 新天,让我自己来,昨夜有梦. Went to Germany after her drug treatment.[7]
  • 2004, Luo Qi went back to China with her husband. Publish a single named 永恒的一天 in the end of May.
  • 2011, establish a band named 冷空气乐队(Cold Air).


Name Publish Time Language
把你唱醉 1994 Mandarin
快乐机器 1996 Mandarin


Time Holding Name Holding Times
2006-06-06 今天是我生日 1
2009-10-31 “梁祝之夜把爱唱响”中国摇滚情歌演唱会 1


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