Luoyang River

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Luoyang River
Quanzhou Luoyang Qiao 20120302-1.jpg
The Luoyang Bridge across the Luo in Quanzhou
Chinese 洛阳江

The Luo Yang River, also known as the Luoyangjiang from its Chinese name, is a river in the prefecture of Quanzhou in Fujian, China. It flows in the general southern direction and forms a long and wide estuary as it enters Quanzhou Bay on the Taiwan Strait. The estuary separates Quanzhou's Luojiang and Fengze districts on its western shore from Hui'an County to its east.

The Luo Yang River estuary is spanned by the ancient Luoyang Bridge (洛阳桥), as well as by several modern bridges.

Oysters have been traditionally cultivated in the Luo River estuary.[1]

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Coordinates: 25°00′47″N 118°38′06″E / 25.013°N 118.635°E / 25.013; 118.635