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According to traditional Chinese uranography, the modern constellation Lupus is located within the eastern quadrant of the sky, which is symbolized as the Azure Dragon of the East (東方青龍, Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng).

The name of the western constellation in modern Chinese is 豺狼座 (chái láng zuò), meaning "the ravenous wolf constellation".


The map of Chinese constellation in constellation Lupus area consists of:

Four Symbols Mansion (Chinese name) Romanization Translation Asterisms (Chinese name) Romanization Translation Western star name Chinese star name Romanization Translation
Azure Dragon of the East (東方青龍) Jiǎo Horn Zhǔ Pillars
ι Lup[1] 柱三 Zhǔsān 3rd star
τ1 Lup and τ2 Lup[1] 柱四 Zhǔsì 4th star
Kàng Neck 頓頑 Dùnwán Trials
φ1 Lup and φ2 Lup[2] 頓頑一 Dùnwányī 1st star
1 Lup 頓頑二 Dùnwánèr 2nd star
陣車 Zhènchē Battle Chariots 2 Lup 陣車三 Zhènchēsān 3rd star
騎官 Qíguān Imperial Guards
γ Lup[2] 騎官一 Qíguānyī 1st star
δ Lup[2] 騎官二 Qíguānèr 2nd star
β Lup[2] 騎官四 Qíguānsì 4th star
λ Lup[2] 騎官五 Qíguānwu 5th star
ε Lup[2] 騎官六 Qíguānliù 6th star
μ Lup[2] 騎官七 Qíguānqī 7th star
π Lup[2] 騎官八 Qíguānbā 8th star
ο Lup[2] 騎官九 Qíguānjiǔ 9th star
α Lup[2] 騎官十 Qíguānshí 10th star
車騎 Chēqí Chariots and Cavalry
ζ Lup[2] 車騎一 Chēqíyī 1st star
ρ Lup[2] 車騎二 Chēqíèr 2nd star
σ Lup[2] 車騎四 Chēqísān 3rd star
騎陣將軍 Qízhènjiāngjūn Chariots and Cavalry General κ1 Lup[2] 騎陣將軍 Qízhènjiāngjūn (One star of)
Fáng Room 從官 Cóngguān Retinue
ψ2 Lup 從官一 Cóngguānyī 1st star
χ Lup 從官二 Cóngguānèr 2nd star
ψ1 Lup 從官增一 Cóngguānzēngyī 1st additional star
Xīn Heart 積卒 Jīcù Group of Soldiers
θ Lup 積卒一 Jīcùyī 1st star
η Lup 積卒二 Jīcùèr 2nd star
HD 144415 積卒增二 Jīcùzēngèr 2nd additional star

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