Luro Administrative Post

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Administrative post of Luro

Luro is a administrative post and the name of two towns there (Upper and Lower Luro) in the Lautém District of East Timor. Its population at the 2010 census was 5,367, at the 2004 census was 6,205.


  • Baricafa (Barikafa)
  • Cotamutu (Cotamuto, Kotamuto)
  • Luro
  • Afabubu (Afabubo)
  • Lacawa (Lakawa)
  • Wairoque (Wairoke, Wairoce, Vairoque)


Coordinates: 8°32′36″S 126°49′59″E / 8.5433°S 126.8331°E / -8.5433; 126.8331