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Coordinates: 38°48′30″N 121°14′02″E / 38.808272°N 121.233833°E / 38.808272; 121.233833

The Entrance to the Lushun Museum Site

The Lushun Museum (Chinese: 旅顺博物馆) is a museum in Lushunkou District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, China. It was established in 1915 when this area was Japan's leased territory and is known for its exhibit of the mummies that Kozui Otani collected during his expeditions 1901-10 to Central Asia.


Important dates in the museum's history include:[1]

  • November 1915: The Products Exhibition Hall
  • April 1917; Guandong Capital's Manchurian & Mongolian Products Exhibition Hall
  • December 1934: The Lushun Museum
  • January 1951: The Soviet Union Government returned the "Lushun Eastern Culture Museum" to the Chinese Government
  • December 1952: The Lushun Museum of History and Culture
  • May 1972: Reopened after the closure during the Great Cultural Revolution

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