Luster Heights Prison Farm

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Coordinates: 43°08′20″N 91°11′08″W / 43.13889°N 91.18556°W / 43.13889; -91.18556

Luster Heights Prison Farm is a satellite facility of Anamosa State Penitentiary operated by the Iowa Department of Corrections. It is located in the Yellow River State Forest about five miles south of Harpers Ferry. It is situated in Fairview Township, in southeastern Allamakee County. The minimum-security facility houses approximately 60 male inmates, with a capacity of 88.

The inmates do work for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources in maintaining the state forest. In particular, they work at a DNR-owned sawmill where 150,000 board feet (350 m³) of lumber are annually processed.

In 2006, the Animal Welfare Foundation of Iowa started a program at the facility for inmates to train stray dogs for later adoption.