Lutton, Devon

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Not to be confused with Luton, Devon.
Higher Lutton

Lutton is a small farming hamlet on the outskirts of South Brent, Devon, England. It is a hillside community on the side of Brent Hill. It is only a small hamlet of about 15 people.

Lutton is split into 2 sections, split by a minor road. The lower side is larger, with a terrace and a large detached house. Higher Lutton has a Farmhouse (that has been split into two smaller houses, one of which is rented out), a large house and a recent barn conversion.

Lutton Farm is a dairy farm situated in Higher Lutton. It has over 50 acres of pasture land[citation needed], mainly grazed by cattle.

There is also a village with the same name near Cornwood in Devon with a pub and church.

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Coordinates: 50°26′13″N 3°50′13″W / 50.437°N 3.837°W / 50.437; -3.837