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Luu may refer to:

  • Luu, a Vietnamese surname
  • LUU, an initialism for the Leeds University Union, the representative body for the students at the University of Leeds, England
  • Jane Luu, a Vietnamese American astronomer
  • Luu Bu, an alternate spelling of Lü Bu, (156–198) a military general and minor warlord during the late Eastern Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms period in ancient China
  • Luu Dongbin, an alternate spelling of Lü Dongbin, a Chinese deity revered by Daoists
  • Luu Vinh Phuc, an alternate spelling of Liu Yongfu (1837–1917) the second and last President of the Republic of Formosa from June 5, 1895 to October 21, 1895
  • Empress Luu, an alternate spelling of Empress Lü Zhi (d. 180 BC) the wife of Emperor Gao of the Han Dynasty in China