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For the district in Kaohsiung City, see Lujhu District.
Nankan Creek Night.jpg
Location of Luzhu
Coordinates: 25°02′N 121°17′E / 25.033°N 121.283°E / 25.033; 121.283Coordinates: 25°02′N 121°17′E / 25.033°N 121.283°E / 25.033; 121.283
Country Taiwan
Municipality Taoyuan City
 • Mayor Chu Chunlai
 • Total 75.5025 km2 (29.1517 sq mi)
Population (January 2016)
 • Total 155,626
 • Density 2,100/km2 (5,300/sq mi)
Luzhu District office (then Luzhu Township office)

Luzhu District (Chinese: 蘆竹區; pinyin: Lúzhú Qū) is a district in Taoyuan City, Taiwan.

The downtown district, known as Nankan, is now a high-rise density living suburb for many who work in Taipei and Taoyuan City. The first opened shopping center in Taiwan, "Taimall", is a weekend destination for many Taoyuan regional residents, located in Nankan, too.[1] Taimall is located around 2 kilometers north-northwest of the 'Nankan interchange' on highway no. 1. (N25° 03' 14.7" E121° 17' 18.2")


Luzhu was upgraded to a county-controlled city from the former rural township on 3 June 2014. On 25 December 2014, it was upgraded again to a district named Luzhu District.


Administrative divisions[edit]

Administrative divisions of Luzhu District

Xinxing Village, Zhongfu Village, Shangxing Village, Zhongxing Village, Xinzhuang Village, Shangzhu Village, Hongzhu Village, Dazhu Village, Fuzhu Village, Luzhu Village, Nanxing Village, Fuchang Village, Fuxing Village, Shunxing Village, Luxing Village, Nanrong Village, Nankan Village, Jinxing Village, Xingrong Village, Jinzhong Village, Zhangxing Village, Wufu Village, Zhongshan Village, Fulu Village, Xiangchou Village, Zhangshou Village, Jixiang Village, Yingpan Village, Yingfu Village, Wayao Village, Neicuo Village, Shanbi Village, Shanjiao Village, Waishe Village, Kengzi Village, Kengkou Village, Haihu Village.


Industrial Area in Luzhu District

EVA Air maintains its headquarters in Luzhu.[4][5] The headquarters of Evergreen Marine Corporation is in Luzhu.[6]


Colleges and universities:

International schools:


Luzhu is located at kilometer 49 of the Highway no. 1 (English highway signs: 'Nankan interchange' or 'Taoyuan interchange'), close to the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (IATA: TPE).

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