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Lydia at the British Library in April 2011

Lydia Grigorieva (Born 1945) is a Ukrainian poet who now lives in London. Her work has been widely translated and she has worked with the BBC World Service, Russian radio and television and the British Library.[1]

Also described as a "photo-artist", Grigorieva uses a synthesis of poetry and photography in her work. The premiere of her Photo-Poetry took place at the State Pushkin Museum in Moscow.[2]

In 2011 she took part in a seminar at the London Book Fair titled At the Crossroads of Culture: Russian Writers Living in London.

Grigorieva read her work for the British Library's Dual Cultures, Between Two Worlds: Poetry and Translation project which explores the work of poets living in the UK whose first language is not English.[3]

Films written by Grigorieva include:[1]

  • Tsvetaeva in London
  • Gumilev in London
  • Skriabin in London


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