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Lyonnaise may refer to:

  • A person, or, "in the style of (something)", from Lyon, France (also: Lyonnais).[1]
  • An adjective, meaning "cooked with onions" or "with caramelized onions", as in "potatoes lyonnaise", "sauce lyonnaise", or "cardons à la lyonnaise".[2]
  • A colloquial name for an official form of the game of pétanque, in France, also called sport-boules, jeu national, or la boule lyonnaise.[3]
  • A silverplate cutlery pattern, also called "Eastlake", which debuted in 1879 manufactured by at least four different companies: Holmes and Edwards, Toronto Silverplate, Aurora Plate and James W. Tufts. In some examples, the bird in the pattern design is exchanged for a squirrel.
  • Lyonnaise (grape), another name for the Swiss wine grape Räuschling