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Måkläppen is a nature reserve that stands out from the Falsterbo peninsula, in south western Sweden. It was created by sandbanks built on top of a moraine core. The Måkläppen nature reserve and nature conservation association was formed in 1899. The appearance of Måkläppen changes as sand builds up and is taken away by ocean currents, wind, storm surge and high tide. These processes, in addition to abrasion, beach erosion removes the sand previously sent there.

Many kinds of waterfowl nest at Måkläppen, and it is an important area for harbor and grey seals. Because of the area's character, no access is allowed from February 1 to the end of October.

Depending on how currents change, one might encounter small to large remnants of wooden ships up to several hundred years old when walking along the sandbar.

In the Middle Ages it is believed some temporary settlements may have existed on the island.

Coordinates: 55°21′52″N 12°48′15″E / 55.36444°N 12.80417°E / 55.36444; 12.80417