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Méga TFO is the children-oriented programming block of the Canadian French language educational television channel TFO, which serves the province of Ontario, Canada.

Its shows air weekday evenings and on afternoons and evenings during weekends.


Méga TFO was created in 1996 and originally aimed towards children aged from 9 to 12 years old.

Starting in 1997, the block aired a live call-in show to serve as its anchor program also titled Méga TFO. It gave children a chance to phone in and participate in various games with hosts Stephanie Broschart and Alain Boisvert. In 2001, the program was replaced by Mégallô, which had a similar format. In September 2009, the block amended its name to mirror the anchor program's title.

In September 2013, the block was rebranded as Flip TFO with the new main program simply being entitled Flip, replacing Mégallô.

In September 2017, the program was renamed Flip l'algorithme and much like its predecessors, attempts to present content in a humorous way.

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