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The source of the Möhne
Country Germany
States 51°27′25″N 7°57′17″E / 51.45694°N 7.95472°E / 51.45694; 7.95472Coordinates: 51°27′25″N 7°57′17″E / 51.45694°N 7.95472°E / 51.45694; 7.95472
Basin features
Main source Sauerland
550 m (1,800 ft)
River mouth Ruhr
Physical characteristics
Length 65 km (40 mi)

The Möhne is a small-size river in western Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia), right tributary of the Ruhr. The Möhne passes the towns of Brilon, Rüthen, Warstein. There is large articifical lake near the mouth of the river, the Möhne Reservoir, used for hydro power generation and leisure activities.

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