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The Münster School of Business and Economics (German: Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät) is the business school at the University of Münster (WWU). It has 6,000 students. The admission rate for the undergraduate degree in business is < 7% (2808:188), making it one of the most competitive in Germany.[1]


In 1902 the Department of Law and Political Economics was founded. This department has its roots in the Faculty of Law which was founded in 1780. Today it is known as Department of Political Economics, which is now part of the Münster School of Business Administration and Economics. After that the Department of Business Administration and Management was established. In 1990 the Department of Information Systems was founded, because of the growing need for interdisciplinary research in Computer Science and Business Administration. In 2000 the Department of Economic Education was established due the growing need for economic education from students from other fields of study. In 2006 the School initiated the AACSB accreditation and mastered successfully the accreditation in 2011.[2]

The school conducts interdisciplinary research with other schools of the University of Münster (for example: Law, Computer Science, Communication Science, Psychology, Medicine (Neuroeconomics, Management), Chemistry and Pharmacy), which have led to new courses and field of studies. It houses the European Research Center for Information Systems, which is a leading research network.


For a list of notable alumni and scientists see List of Westphalian Wilhelms-University Münster people. The school offers also electronic access to its alumni' CVs to companies which pay for access.

Associated Research Centers[edit]

Fields of study[edit]

The Münster School of Business Administration and Economics offers many (often postgraduate) courses in English and the following Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, Habilitation research programmes

And the following MBA (Master of Business Administration) programmes

  • Executive MBA in Accounting and Controlling
  • Executive MBA in Information Management
  • Executive MBA in International Health Care and Hospital Management
  • Executive MBA in Marketing
  • Executive MBA in Mergers and Acquisitions

Before the Bologna process the University awarded the Diplom (Univ.) (Diplom-Kaufmann, Diplom-Kauffrau, Diplom-Volkswirt, Diplom-Volkswirtin, Diplom-Wirtschaftsinformatiker) which is equivalent to a Master's degree.

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