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M. F. Enterprises
Status defunct (1967)
Founded 1966
Founder Myron Fass
Country of origin United States of America
Headquarters location New York City
Key people Carl Burgos
Publication types Comics
Fiction genres Superhero, Teen humor, Western
Imprints Country-Wide Publications

M. F. Enterprises was a 1966–67 comic book publisher owned by artist and 1970s pulp-magazine entrepreneur Myron Fass, whose holdings also included the black-and-white horror comics magazine imprint, Eerie Publications.

M.F.'s best-known character was Captain Marvel (no relation to the Fawcett Comics, DC Comics or Marvel Comics superheroes of that name), a crimefighting alien android who could detach his head, limbs and hands and send them flying off in all directions whenever he shouted "Split!" and reattach them when he shouted "Xam!".

M. F. Enterprises also published Henry Brewster, a teen-humor comic created by artist Bob Powell, which lasted seven issues and followed the adventures and misadventures of the red-headed All-American teenager and his friends: the big, squeaky-voiced jock Animal; brainy, bespectacled Weenie; and the beautiful Debbie and Melody. Their teacher was a former secret agent named Mr. Secrett, who was always happy to lend a handy gadget when needed.[1]

Although the M. F. Enterprises brand stopped publishing comics in 1967, publisher Myron Fass continued with his Eerie Publications line of black-and-white mostly horror comic magazines until 1981.

Titles published[edit]

  • Captain Marvel (4 issues, Apr. – Nov. 1966)
  • Captain Marvel Presents The Terrible Five (1 issue, Sept. 1967)—continues the numbering of Captain Marvel
  • Great West (1969)
  • Henry Brewster (7 issues, Feb. 1966 – Sept. 1967)


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