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Faunts - M4.jpg
EP by Faunts
Released September 22, 2006[1]
Genre Electronic rock, space rock, post-rock, dream pop, shoegazing, new wave revival
Length 39:23
Label Friendly Fire Recordings
Faunts chronology
High Expectations/Low Results
(2005)High Expectations/Low Results2005
Feel. Love. Thinking. Of
(2009)Feel. Love. Thinking. Of2009
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
PopMatters 6/10[2]
Tiny Mix Tapes 3.5/5 stars[3]

M4 is an EP recorded by Canadian indie rock band Faunts in 2006. The EP was largely unknown until "M4 (Part II)" was played over the credits of the 2007 video game Mass Effect.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "M4 (Part II)" – 8:18
  2. "Sleepwalker" – 7:43
  3. "M4 (Part I)" – 9:18
  4. "Meno Mony Falls" – 5:54
  5. "Of Nature" – 8:08

Music video[edit]

The first theatrically styled music video the band ever filmed was made for "M4 (Part II)". It was directed by Ryan Bosworth and came with a limited amount of hard-copy M4 EPs. The video features footage of the band playing interspersed with a visual representation of the song realized by a personified hierarchy of crabs, wherein a single crab wishes to dominate a space of sand dune on a beach. In the end, the single crab becomes the only one left but, reflecting the song's lyrics, the crab is devoured by a bigger predator than itself - a seagull.


  • Engineer: Graham Lessard
  • Mixed by Graham Lessard and Faunts
  • Mastered by Phil Demetro
  • Artwork Design by Tim Batke and Lindsay Batke


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