M74 Group

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M74 Group
Observation data (Epoch J2000)
Right ascension 01h 43m[1][2]
Declination+14° 22′[1][2]
Brightest memberMessier 74[2]
Number of galaxies5-7[1][2][3]
Other designations
NGC 628 Group, LGG 29,[1]
NOGG H 94,[2] NOGG P1 84,[2]
NOGG P2 87[2]
See also: Galaxy groups, Galaxy clusters, List of galaxy clusters

The M74 Group (also known as the NGC 628 Group) is a small group of galaxies in the constellation Pisces. The face-on spiral galaxy M74 (NGC 628) is the brightest galaxy within the group. Other members include the peculiar spiral galaxy NGC 660 and several smaller irregular galaxies .[1][2][3] The M74 Group is one of many galaxy groups that lie within the Virgo Supercluster.[4][5]


The table below lists galaxies that have been consistently identified as group members in the Nearby Galaxies Catalog,[3] the Lyons Groups of Galaxies (LGG) Catalog,[1] and the three group lists created from the Nearby Optical Galaxy sample of Giuricin et al.[2]

Members of the M74 Group
Name Type[6] R.A. (J2000)[6] Dec. (J2000)[6] Redshift (km/s)[6] Apparent Magnitude[6]
Messier 74 SA(s)c  01h 36m 41.8s +15° 47′ 01″ 657 10.0
NGC 660 SB(s)a pec  01h 43m 02.4s +13° 38′ 42″ 850 12.0
UGC 1176 Im  01h 40m 09.9s +15° 54′ 17″ 630 14.4
UGC 1195 Sc  01h 42m 27.0s +13° 58′ 37″ 774 13.9
UGC 1200 IBm  01h 42m 48.3s +13° 09′ 22″ 808 14.0

Other possible members galaxies (galaxies listed in only one or two of the lists from the above references) include the irregular galaxies UGC 891, UGC 1104, UGC 1171, UGC 1175, and UGCA 20.


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