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The M830 is an American high explosive anti-tank (HEAT) round meant primarily for the 120 mm M256 main gun of the M1A1 and M1A2 Abrams. Aside from the double safety, propellant containment bag and M764 fuze, it is identical to the German DM12A1. The cartridge weighs approximately 53.4 lb (24.2 kg).[1] The round was praised for its performance during the 1991 Gulf War.[2] It is no longer manufactured and has been replaced by the M830A1.

M830A1 HEAT MP-T[edit]

The M830A1, the M830's successor, provides greater lethality through a higher initial velocity and a multi-purpose fuse. Like the M829 armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS) round, it features a discarding sabot around a sub-caliber warhead . The cartridge weighs 49.2 lb (22.3 kg), with the projectile accounting for 25.1 lb (11.4 kg). It is capable of engaging helicopters.[3] The M830A1 was first fielded in 1994.[1]


The M830A1 is to be replaced by the Advanced Multi-Purpose (AMP) round currently[when?] in development.[4] In January 2017, Orbital ATK was selected to complete development of the AMP.[5]


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