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Sperry Univac's 'MAPPER 4GL originated in the 1970s[1] based on some work in the 1960s,[2] but has been kept current. It was renamed and also given an extension named ICE - Internet Commerce Enabler.[3][1]

Originally available on Sperry's Univac 1108, implementations now also exist for Windows NT, Sun Solaris and Linux.[4] The GUI on Windows is the most advanced of these.[1]


MAPPER (MAintain, Prepare, and P'roduce Executive Reports), which has since been officially renamed BIS (Business Information Server) but called MAPPER by its fans[1], began as an internal product. Its first customer was Santa Fe Railway.

Having started in the Punched Card era, when input was 80 columns of data and printed reports had 120 or 132 columns, it attempted to go beyond by modeling itself on a filing cabinet.

As was typical for that era, it was written in Assember language.[1] Initially it had only limited string manipulation;[1] that has since been corrected. A Macro capability was also subsequently added.


The BIS product is still in use,[1] and there still are job postings for it.[5] [6][7] There's even coverage of "average salaries by job title and skillset" at SimplyHired,[8] BIS/MAPPER use includes end-user-written applications.[9]

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