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MBS, short for Le Micro Brise Le Silence (the microphone breaks the silence), is a rap group formed in 1988 in Algeria. They sing in Algerian and French, and are led by Rabah Ourrad. Their lyrics mostly speak out against the Algerian government.


  • 1997, Ouled al Bahdja (Children of the Radiant One)
  • 1998, HBIBTI Aouama ( my DEAR GF a good Swimmer)
  • 1999, Le Micro Brise Le Silence
  • 2001, Wellew
  • 2005, Maquis Bla Sleh (un maquis sans armes)

Rabah (solo)[edit]

  • 2002, Galouli (ils m'ont dis)
  • 2003, Djabha gagant
  • 2004, President
  • 2011, Dernier cri 2010

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